About Us

About Us

Bounce Sydney is Allison Stewart and Julia Stevenson-Wright - two friends who have worked together in the fashion and interior design industries for many years, honing both their design and retail skills.

Allison and Julia are truly passionate about what they do. And not just from their perspective, but also about how they can help to empower the wearer, designing clothing that allow women to express themselves - confidently and individually. We believe that what you choose to wear is important. An everyday occurrence of your daily routine where you take control of how you wish to experience it – from your ever changing moods, to day to day demands, through the occasions each day brings – with confidence.

Established in 2011, our Sydney-based Australian brand opened its first store in Paddington. Proudly independent, we have continued to expand a loyal customer base with stores throughout Sydney. And, to back up this growing collection of outlets, we maintain the highest standards of quality, fit and feel by continuing close relationships with a few select manufacturers - whom we [Julia and Allison] visit several times each year to ensure that their supply chain remains ethical, reliable and provides worth.

Influenced by the yin & yang dualism of the feminine and the masculine, and inspired by a broad range of historical periods - from classical, through baroque, regency and romantic periods, to recent current popular culture - our seasonal collections are designed to appeal to the modern, eclectic, spirited woman.

As we move into the future, we will maintain these ideals and aspirations and continue to push the boundaries of colour, form and function with an attention to the details, the fabrics, and the evolving lifestyles of our many and varied customers.

Allison & Julia